Laboratory Partners and Technology

(Please see specific details under each genetic test)

We partner with the State- Of- The- Art laboratories in the United States, Germany, UK, Sweden, and Australia etc for our genetic testing services.
The availability of international accreditations of all the laboratories we partnered ensures the quality, accuracy, and consistency of our genetic testings, and are done under the surveillance of the most stringent criteri in terms of quality management and the technology employed.

Laboratory Accreditations

Our laboratories have an average of 10 – 25 years of genetic testing experience. They are using the most forefront, up to date technologies including but not limit to array based genotyping, qPCR, MPLA (for chromosomal and non chromosomal SNP, SNV and copy number variations), NGS next generation sequencing, (including hot spots, full gene, panels, whole exome, clinical exome, and whole genome sequencing), Sanger for single gene sequencing.
In order to reflect the genetic differences of different populations, geneDecode™ will only partner with genetic companies where the most comprehensive database of diverse ethnicities are available, which includes Asian, Han Chinese, Caucasians etc. Panels such as geneDecode Talent and Disease susceptibility 100, have their own hundreds and thousands of proprietary database in both Asian and Caucasians populations.