“ My son is 3 years old. He is running around like a monkey all the time. I sometimes find it difficult to communicate with him and master his thought, what he likes and what he is good at. I wish I can understand him better and help to explore his inborn potential through prioritised activities, so that he will lead a happy childhood and in the future. ”

Claire Yiu


Parents are often perplexed on what would be the best to raise their children. They are sometimes caught in the dilemma of putting children under a single teaching method for all vs. driving children to exhaustion through countless activities, which potentially leads to missing out the “Sensitive Learning Period”

Genetic Test

As the cornerstone to all human lives, genes play an important role in defining every individual’s unique characteristics. It includes character, talent, physique required and health etc. With a simple sampling method, genetics test helps unfold part of the genetic blueprint. It provides parents with the insight to their children’s inborn talent. By offering the most suitable education according to the genetic blueprint, children may develop their fullest potential.

Genetic Analysis – Global Collaborative Effort in Genetic Research

Human Genome Project, a 13 year long global collaborative project that was completed in 2003, successfully mapped and sequenced all the human genomes, and becomes the solid foundation for the development of genetic testing.( .

genetic test is supported by a comprehensive published research and a database of over hundreds of thousand of subjects mapped and owned by the laboratory scientists throughout many years.

Application of Genetic Analysis

Genes, building on base pairs of DNA, are basic units to life. Each gene determines a specific inherited character, such as body height, intelligence and personality, or talents such as music, dance and linguistics…
Genetic testing has also been widely adopted in medicine for diagnosis and personalized therapy, dose of a medicine that is best for a certain person, and screening newborn infants for abnormal or missing proteins that can cause disease etc.

Characteristics of

Comprehensive Coverage –
Mental, Emotional & Physical Development

  • genetic test covers 45 genetic variations in 8 categories including character, intelligence, emotion, artistic/sport talent, health etc. The results provide a basic blueprint towards better understanding of their children’s talent and potential. genetic test is applicable to children of all ages including newborns.

Simple, Safe, Reliable

  • analysis is non-invasive. Cell sample is scraped from buccal mucosa (surface of the gum and cheek) using a cotton swab. The procedure is simple and painless which can easily be performed by parents. The sample will be analysed anonymously by the latest technology in certified laboratories from the United States.

Insightful Report and Counselling

  • analysis will include genotype results of 45 group of genes and their interpretation. Psychologist will provide a written summary report of the person’s characteristics and future career development. It is then followed by professional specific advice on an individual’s potential exploration.
  • A group of well trained local consultants will provide in person explanation and follow up services. Additional support and resources may include referral to professional doctors or psychologists. The information remains strictly confidential.

What if Beethoven was forced to be a scientist?

When it comes to learning musical instruments, children born with genes that ssociates strongly with musical talent would naturally achieve more with less effort. On the contrary, if we force children born with lesser of these genes to learn music, the effort has to be doubled. With such this may damage children’s self-esteem and development of their other talents.

Test Items


1. Optimistim
2. Risk-taking
3. Persistence
4. Shyness
5. Composure
6. Split Personality
7. Hyper Activity
8. Negative Emotion
9. Impulsive
10. Attentiveness
11. Mould-ability

Emotional Intelligence

12. Affectionate
13. Faithfulness
14. Passion
15. Prosperity for Teenage Romance
16. Sentimentality
17. Sociability
18. Self Reflection
19. Self Control


20. Intelligence
21. Comprehension
22. Analytical
23. Memory
24. Creativity
25. Reading Ability


27. Performing
28. Music
29. Drawing
30. Dancing
31. Literature
32. Linguistic


33. Endurance
34. Sprint
35. Technique
36. Training Sensitivity
37. Tendency of Sport Injuries
38. Sport Psychology

Physical Fitness

39. Height
40. General Wellness


41. Obesity
42. Sensitivity to Second-Hand Smoke


43. Alcoholism
44. Smoking
45. General Addiction

“ The report reveals my son has great and multiple artistic potential, and he is profoundly optimistic and sociable. Together with other genetic makeup and when developed well, the report also reveals he has outstanding potential to be for example an actor, architect and a stage director etc. We will do whatever we can to inspire and nurture him according to his inborn potential, so that he would lead a very fulfilling life! ”

Claire Yiu

Act Now!

Talent is predetermined by our inherited genes at birth. Nature and nurture always interact. Hence it is important to recognize a person’s innate strengths early on and develop nurturing program accordingly. will help you to understand your children’s natural talent and special character. Act now and contact for your children’s genetic test.


* Sensitive learning period for talent development

  • Intelligence – up to 13 years’ old
  • Emotional Intelligence – 2 months – 22 years’ old
  • Mould-ability – up to 13 years’ old
  • Memory – 1 – 12 years’ old
  • Music – 2 months – 5 years’ old
  • Drawing – up to 15 years’ old
  • Sport – up to 12 years’ old



A Snapshot Of

  • Based on genetic research – Human Genome Project
  • Cutting edge biotechnology from accredited laboratory in the US
  • Supported by an advisory panel comprised of specialist doctors and psychologists
  • Established track record in Asia, and the United States
  • Personalised professional follow up service
  • Safe and simple, reasonable pricing