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geneDecode™ Fitness



Nutrigenetic Analysis



On the way to developing a healthy lifestyle, an overwhelming majority of people are frustrated with the unending cycle of weight gain and fatigue.

Fail attempts of dietary restrictions and inappropriate physical activities are common. People regain weight that they have lost over time after stopping restrictive diet. Some take a lot of vitamins and still feel a lack of energy, fatigue and weakness. There are people who exercise a lot but still cannot lose weight.

Chances are, you find yourself facing the same problem. With a new perspective based on genetic approach, holds the answer to your greatest frustration.




“ My dining schedule and habit are often hectic due to my work agenda, I either overeat or consume junk food instead of proper meal. Being a heavily responsible father of 2 little kids and I am getting older everyday, I really wonder if I have enough attention to my daily routine to maintain my health!”

Thomas Lam






Product of Global Genetic Research breakthrough:


The Human Genome Project, a 13 years collaborative efforts throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan and China was declared complete in 2003 with great success. It identified all the genes in human DNA and sequenced the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up human DNA. It was comparable to the moon landing project as outstanding scientific achievement of mankind (

Knowing the sequences of the human genome opened the doors to examine the relationship among an individual’s genetic makeup, dietary intake, and health outcomes, This is what it has been studied in the field of nutrigenetics.




Nutrigenetics & Gene

Each individual has a unique genetic makeup and has unique nutritional and exercise needs. Different versions of genes (genotypes) affect the absorption, metabolism, excretion, or the biological effects of nutrients.. That also explains why a diet tailored to your genetic makeup is 2 to 3 times more effective than conventional diets in weight reduction1.




The study performed at Stanford University discovered that people who had been eating according to their genetic makeup had lost 4 kilograms more that those who had been trying to lose weight in no accordance with their genetics2.





A personalized lifestyle guidebook based on your genetic makeup

40 Individual Analyses in 8 Chapters


With this information we developed guidelines that will meet the needs of your body. Personal nutritional and physical activity guidelines based on genetic information will help you to have more active and a healthy life.





Nutrients and Body Weight

Adapt your nutrition to the nutritional needs of your body



Due to Genetic Differences:
Some people are 3 times more susceptible to being overweight if they do not consumer enough carbohydrates3Some people can burn fat more effectively with more unsaturated fats if they have a favourable response to itSome people, with an inappropriate intake of polyunsaturated fats, have a 20 percent higher triglyceride level compared to other people4



Based on your DNA analysis you will find the answers to your questions on nutrition, personal characteristics and the predispositions for:

  • Risk for Being Overweight
  • Response to Carbohydrates
  • Response to Saturated Fats
  • Diet Type
  • And Much More…



Due to genetic differences, endurance training like cycling and running works better for certain people who will lose fat 2 times more efficiently than the others5.







Adapt your sport activities to the characteristics of your body

Your genes determine whether you need more exercises that require explosive energy or those that require greater endurance. The genetic analysis is the first step towards effective actions as it will show you which sports activities and exercises are the best for you.



Micronutrient & Oxidative Stress

Adapt Your Lifestyle to Your Genetic Makeup




Due to Genetic Differences:
Some people has vitamins, minerals levels, less effective in detoxifying the harmful substances, or age faster than the others because of unfavourable genes6-11




With the analysis you will learn more about your personal vitamin and mineral needs that are written in your genetic makeup. With the help of personalized recommendations you will be able to create a customized and optimal diet that will help you to stay healthy, feel better and to stay younger for a longer period of time.

At the same time you will also learn what you need to do to protect yourself from the harmful environmental effects:

  • The Requirement of Vitamins
  • Biological Aging
  • The Requirement of Minerals
  • Oxidative Stress
  • And Much More…






geneDecode NutriFitness geneDecode 營養運動基因檢測

1 Risk for being overweight 體重過高的風險
2 Response to saturated fats 對飽和脂肪的反應
3 Response to monounsaturated fats 對單元不飽和脂肪的反應
4 Response to polyunsaturated fats 對多元不飽和脂肪的反應
5 Response to carbohydrates 對炭水化合物的反應
6 Diet Type 飲食類型
7 HDL (good) cholesterol HDL (好) 膽固醇
8 LDL (bad) cholesterol LDL (壞) 膽固醇
9 Triglycerides 三酸甘油脂
10 Blood sugar 血糖
11 Vitamin B6 維他命 B6
12 Vitamin B9 維他命 B9
13 Vitamin B12 維他命 B12
14 Vitamin D 維他命 D
15 Iron 鐵質
16 Sodium (salt) 鈉 (鹽)
17 Potassium 鉀
18 Bone density 骨質密度
19 Consumption of sweet treats 進食甜點
20 Insatiability and hunger 吃不飽及飢餓
21 Sweet taste perception 甜味感知
22 Bitter taste perception 苦味感知
23 Alcohol metabolism 酒精代謝
24 Caffeine metabolism 咖啡因代謝
25 Lactose metabolism 乳糖代謝
26 Selenium 硒
27 Vitamin E 維他命 E
28 Oxidative stress 氧化壓力
29 Muscle structure 肌肉結構
30 Your aerobic potential (VO2max) 你的帶氧潛能 (VO2max最大攝氧量)
31 Soft tissue injury risk (achilles tendon) 軟組織受傷風險
32 Post exercise recovery 運動後的恢復力
33 Strength training 肌力訓練
34 Fat burning gene (endurance training) 燒脂基因
35 Warrior gene 戰士基因
36 Muscle volume gene 肌肉量基因
37 Heart capacity 心臟能力
38 Nicotine addiction 尼古丁上癮
39 Alcohol addiction 酒精上癮
40 Biological ageing 生物老化

“My nutrigenetic report reveals that mediterrean diet eg. fish, poultry and olive oil etc, is most suitable for me. It seems that I should adjust my daily eating habit as my genes are also predisposed to high bad cholesterol and triglyceride level. In terms of vitamins and minerals, I was surprised to know I have unfavourable response to most of them, no wonder I get tired so easily. Regarding sport activities, my report tells me that I need to avoid muscle training as that will increase my fat accumulation conversely, and I should do more endurance activities like running, cycling and hiking. My genetic report has provided me with a lot of custom made insights to improve my health, I am very confident of how to live a healthy life now! ”

Thomas Lam

is one of the most comprehensive and precise nutrigenetic analysis on the global market.

It includes the analysis of over 130 genetic variations in which

  • We analyse only the most reliable genetic markers with a proven effect
  • We adapt the nutrition guidelines to your genetic makeup
  • The saliva sample is processed in an European certified laboratory that takes care of anonymity with the use of a identification code

These are the unique advantages of the analysis.




geneDecode™ – Fitness In A Snapshot

  • 40 Individual Analyzes in 8 Chapters
  • More Than 130 Genetic Variations
  • Diet and Training Counseling Based on Your DNA Analysis
  • Personal Guidelines on Nutrition, Physical Activity, Metabolism & Lifestyle
  • A List of All Scientific Sources on Which the DNA Analysis is Based
  • A List of All Analyzed Genes and Their Functions





Act Now

Adjust your lifestyle to your genes. With a personalised nutritional plan and physical recommendations we have prepared for you based on your genetic predisposition, health and fitness can be easily achieved. Know Your Genetic Makeup, Find Your Way to Life. The answer lies within you.




How Does It Work

2 Steps To Your Personal Genetic Analysis:

Step 1
Only a saliva sample is required for your analysis, which is sent to the laboratory in Europe in a special container.


Step 2
In approximately 40 days you will receive your personal analysis in the form of a printed book and our local professional consultant will have 30 minutes to guide you through the report.