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As the cornerstone to all human lives, genes play an important role in defining every individual’s unique characteristics. It includes health, physical characteristics, personality traits and talents etc.

With a simple sampling method,DS100 logo-01 is a test on the genes of a person in order to find out whether he/she carries any unfavourable genes which puts the person at risk of developing particular diseases. Multiple systems up to 100 diseases are covered in this susceptibility test, and the results will state which diseases one is at risk to.

DS100 logo-01 Global Collaborative Effort in Genetic Research

Human Genome Project started in 1990, International HapMap Project and its extended research collaborations. These global collaborative research projects successfully mapped and sequenced all the human genomes, and established an association between different genetic variants and the risks of developing a disease. They become the solid foundation for the development of disease susceptibility genetic testing. (

In particular,DS100 logo-01 genetic test is developed from Harvard’s meta-analysis of comprehensive international cohort studies to derive the risks of diseases associated with different genetic variations.

How DoesDS100 logo-01 Differ from The Usual Full-body Medical Examinations or Clinical Laboratory Tests?

Most clinical laboratory tests are ordered for the purpose of directing interventions for a current health disorder. In contrast, genetic tests can be used in asymptomatic individuals to identify a future risk of disease, susceptibility genetic test has the ability to identify an asymptomatic individual’s risk of developing a disorder years before the onset of symptoms. It allows preventive measures to be taken to prevent the disease, or at least to delay its onset. However it does not provide information about the timing and severity of outcomes.

Interpretation of Disease Risk Assessment

Low risk’ for a particular disease means that your genetic makeup is unlikely to cause you to contract the condition. However, it does not mean you will not contract the disease. Exposure to other causes of the disease (e.g. smoking) may also result in the onset of the disease. In the other words, a ‘low risk’ result implies that one of the main causes in many diseases—the genetic factor, is unlikely to cause the onset of the disease for you. As such, there is one reduced risk factor.

Similarly, a ‘high risk or medium risk’ genetic test result is only one factor in determining risk for a particular disorder. Other factors need to be considered, including environmental, lifestyle and diet factors. Therefore it is in no way a confirmation that you have developed, or will definitely develop the disease.

Uniqueness of DS100 logo-01 Genetic Test

Call for Early Prevention

  • DS100 logo-01genetic testing has the ability to identify an asymptomatic individual’s risk of developing a disorder years before the onset of symptoms so that one can take preventive measures. Learn to keep your body healthy and save millions in medical bills potentially by disease prevention.

Simple, Safe, Reliable

  • DS100 logo-01analysis is non-invasive. Cell sample is taken from buccal mucosa (surface of the gum and cheek) using a cotton swab. The procedure is simple and painless. The sample will be analysed anonymously by GLP and CLIA certified laboratories in the United States.

Risk Assessment Report and Personalised Health Management Guidebook

  • The risk assessment report has categorized your disease risk into 4 levels from low to high risk. For example if your test indicates ‘medium high to high risk’ for a particular disease, it implies that there are unfavourable genes which make you more likely than the average person to develop that disease.
    A personalised health management guidebook is also incorporated in the report to advice you on how to take the necessary precautions against the at-risk diseases based on your results.
    A professional registered medical doctor will guide you through the report.

Anonymous and Strict Confidentiality

  • practises a very strict confidentiality policy. We will not wilfully disclose your test results to any other third party including insurance companies without your prior approval.
  • Testing done in the laboratory is based solely on anonymous data. The test sample from each client is designated with a code number only to prevent any disclosure of any personal identifiable information.

Test Items

Diseases in Different Bodily Systems

Heart Cerebrovascular Diseases (15 items)
Respiratory Disorders (6 items)
Metabolic Diseases (7 items)
Digestive Diseases (12 items)
Tumor (25 items)
Endocrine & Mental Disorders (10 items)
Five Senses Diseases (6 items)
Urinary System Diseases (4 items)
Auto-immune Diseases (7 items)
Female-related diseases (3 items)
Male-related diseases (2 items)
Others (3 items)

In Control of your Health and your Life,
Act Now!

Health is predetermined by our inherited genes at birth.DS100 logo-01 genetic test allows you to find out which diseases you genetically inclined to develop, before the actual onset of the disease. This will allow for early prevention by making necessary changes to lifestyle, thereby controlling the other factors which usually account for the condition.
The younger the person is, the more effective it will be, as preventive measures can be taken at a younger age for better effect.

As our genetic conditions are known to be very stable, your results for the same disease will unlikely be altered over your lifetime. You therefore will not need to test for the same diseases again.

Act now! Talk to your doctor, or get a referral from for yourDS100 logo-01 genetic test.

A Snapshot of DS100 logo-01

  1. Based on global genetic research, and you only need to do ONCE in a lifetime.
  2. Sample analysis through GLP and CLIA certified laboratory in the US
  3. Advanced MassARRAY® system, which has an unprecedented levels of accuracy at >99.7%
  4. Established track record in Asia, and the United States
  5. Strict confidentiality policy, based solely on anonymous data, avoiding insurance company and 3rd parties to know your test results
  6. Safe and simple, risk assessment report with personalised health management guidebook
  7. A group of local professional registered doctors and specialists will provide report consultation, and personalised professional follow up service