A new born can always bring joyfulness to the family. What parents wanted most is being empowered to take charge of the kids’ well being. However…

Allergy prevalence has been increasing significantly in a global perspective. Not only it becomes the main reason for childhood’s sickness, over one third of the children are suffering from different degrees of allergic symptoms. Allergic response could happen to any parts of the body, the most common ones are skin, upper respiratory and gastrointestinal. Allergic symptoms can be acute or chronic, ie a delay in response, and a delayed allergy response are more difficult to detect and have association with allergy triggers, and thus left unnoticed.

Because of that, children’s normal living, sleep quality and even learning emotions are severely affected. By trial and error, parents may use different methods in order to find a cure for the allergy but in vain most of the times. Parents are having heartfelt pain and yet helpless…

Understanding the root cause, targeted strengthening of the immune defense

To ensure you have a healthier kid, we should start by understanding the root cause of the allergies. There are many interdependent and overlapping reasons for causing allergic symptoms, which includes both EXTERNAL environment (food, outdoors, indoors and chemicals) and INTERNAL bodily triggers such as skin anti-allergy ability, nutrition and antioxidant deficiencies, due to poor absorption or poor eating habits.

Interactions between genes, immune and environment

Our genetic makeup to a certain extent greatly influence our response to external environment, our immune and inflammatory responses, our susceptibility to specific allergic diseases, our nutrition and antioxidant absorption, and our response to stress etc. In the meantime, interaction between different genes, interaction between genes and the immune system are significantly affecting our allergic response to the environment and most of the times, causing vicious circle.

STOPPED the vicious circle through examining our genetic makeup, and how the allergic response can be triggered by both EXTERNAL environment, and INTERNAL bodily triggers. From that we know what to avoid in the environment, and what/how to strengthen our physical health.

Allergy and Healthy Diet Decode deeply examines FOUR major categories, 50 items in total comprehensively and yet provided suggested solutions:

External environmental triggers, we call it ‘allergen’

Our genetic makeup may cause our immune response to overreact to something that are apparently harmless, and making it an allergen to us. Allergens can be of different varieties, and can change with age and with our bodily health.

Skin Anti-Allergy Ability

Skin is the largest organ of our body, the most forefront defense against harmful substances. Items of skin anti-allergy ability include contact skin sensitivity, dermal sensitivity, pollution defense impairment, skin barrier sensitivity, skin antioxidant deficiency, inflammation susceptibility etc. Understand and strengthen the most forefront defense, thus reducing the risk of allergy

Anti-Oxidant Ability and Nutrition Deficiencies

Research suggest the critical role of antioxidant and nutrition in reducing the allergic response. Appropriate anti-oxidant and vitamin supplement can strengthen our immune system, drain away harmful substance and against inflammation. Different individuals can different ability to absorb nutrition due to our genetic makeup, understanding our inborn tendency in absorption deficiencies and thus help us to adjust our eating habits catering to the deficit, thus reducing the risk of allergy:
Antioxidant elements may include glutathione, zinc, coenzyme Q10, lutein and zeaxanthin, lycopene, selenium, iron, calcium, Omega 3 & 6 etc. Vitamins include A, B, B, B9, B12, C, D, K etc.

Know Our Eating Habits and Personal Risk

Even with the same food we eat, every Individual may expose to different risks because of our different genetic makeup. Understanding our genetic makeup can help us to manage our diets and thus our health more effectively.

  • Low veggie intake and fat over consumption tendency, sweet snack preference, low protein intake risk, risk from saturated fat, trans fat sensitivity, starch metabolism, salt sensitivity, and risk of low metabolic rate etc.

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