Prevent allergies once your child is born

Allergic diseases in children have become increasingly serious in recent years. Over one-third of children worldwide are suffering from different degrees of allergy symptoms. Allergic reactions can lurk in any parts of the body and wander from within, such as the skin, the upper respiratory tract and intestines.

In Hong Kong, allergic eczema is the most common form of allergy. The main causes of eczema are genetics, touch allergens that can cause a reaction, and consume protein food. Kids who have eczema got it between 2 to 5 years old, mostly caused by genetic factors. Parents need to bear in mind that pre-puberty is the prime time to cure eczema.

According to statistics, if both parents are allergic, there is an 80% chance of passing down through genes to their next generation. Protect your child against allergies via two major factors i.e. diet and the environment; avoid contact with allergens and make prevention as soon as your child is born.


Be aware of genetic predisposition reducing the incidence of allergy

James and Jason aged six and four-and-a-half are the genetic brothers. James began having eczema symptoms since he was two. His eczema had appeared on the whole body while the skin became itchy and flaking, along with blisters and serious inflammation. Self-control in children is considerably low, he would scratch his itchy skin to the point of bleeding. His parents sought medical treatment everywhere and he spent the last two years using potent steroids which leading to the side effects on his body suppressing his immune system.

James was once misdiagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). His parents were desperate and went for a genetic test to understand his external and internal body triggers as well as allergens. The report showed that James has a tendency towards eczema, low antioxidant capacity and detoxification ability; and the skin is naturally thinner that caused easy bleeding; and gluten (like flour) and mercury (like seafood) are susceptible to allergic reactions so he must have to adjust eating habits catering to the allergens and nutritional deficiencies, thus reducing the risk of allergy. According to professional advice, parents made changes in his daily commodities from home furnishings, clothing materials to shower gel, all’s been through consideration.

Jason conducted his first genetic test when he was six-month-old. He also has tendencies towards eczema and inflammation. Because of the early prevention in food selection, consuming more anti-oxidant food (like vitamin C) to enhance immunity, and letting him use the same natural anti-allergenic shower gel as James does; he hasn’t appeared any allergy symptoms in the past four years. His nutrition absorption is way better than James. As for the brothers’ tendency toward eczema and poor absorption of detoxification elements (antioxidants) such as vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, their parents weren’t aware of anything. They had not taken any preventive measures until the genetic test report was released. Once allergy tendencies are known, it’s important to take proactive prevention which can surely rewrite a child’s future.


Gene decoding presents concrete solutions

Genes to a certain extent greatly influence our reaction to the external environment, our immune, our inflammation and allergy tendencies as well as our nutrition absorption. Genes, immune system and the environment would influence interchangeably, and parents can understand the external and internal body triggers as well as allergens through a genetic analysis. They can thereby strengthen and supplement the deficiencies so as to greatly reduce the risk of vicious circle.

For now, the only Allergy and Healthy Diet Decode in Hong Kong covers four main areas including allergens, skin anti-allergy ability, anti-oxidant ability and nutrition deficiencies, and know our eating habits and personal risk. A total of fifty test items put forward specific and effective solutions.

Establish quality improvement regarding children’s daily life, sleeping quality and emotions in learning from the very beginning. By understanding your genes with proactive prevention, you shall be able to set up the first defence for your child. This significantly reduces the chance of developing allergy in later days. In the long run, there will be tremendous benefits for the body and mind.

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