Who Can Benefit Most From Genetic Analysis?

Development of our organism is determined by our genetic makeup and environmental factors. Genes code for your physical characteristics, your response to signals from the environment and your specific potentials and your resistance or susceptibility for the development of certain diseases etc.
Genetic analyses can help you to achieve a lifestyle of higher quality by better utilising your own potentials and abilities and also to improve your health due to novel insights. If your personal genetic risk for a certain disease is higher, you can change your lifestyle accordingly and take preventive measure and thus prevent disease and health issues.

With the flourishing of the genome reading technology, researchers have succeeded in linking numerous diseases, personal responses, personality, talents and other traits etc to the specific genes. At geneDecode we examine your genome and based on the results obtained and the know-how of our experts, we can tell more about your physical fitness makeup and the response to diet and exercise, your susceptibility to certain diseases, your talents, your personality and traits etc. Thus, the tests are suitable for:

  • Everyone who care about their own or their children’s personal and talent development in order to provide the best nurture
  • Individuals who are health conscious and want to improve their lifestyle based on the latest scientific discoveries and appropriate recommendations from experts.
  • Individuals who want to tailor their physical training to their genetic code. People have different physical makeups. By knowing if we lean towards explosive modes or endurance, we can tailor our individual training and attain better results.
  • People who have problems with losing weight and would like a personalized approach tailored to the genetic needs of their body.