What Does Genetic Analysis Tell Us

Does Genetic Analysis Tell The Absolute Truth?

With the analysis of SNPs we can calculate the probability of development of a certain disease/ traits usually compared to the average risk within the population. Despite the fact that this is a probability backed with a statistic foundation within scientific research, knowing the SNPs cannot predict with certainty whether an individual will develop particular conditions or not. Various environmental factors can influence the development of disease, as well as possible unexplained genetic factors.

Applicability Of The Genetic Analysis

Genetic analysis is not a crystal ball that predicts the future. It is a scientifically-based starting point for calculating the genetic burden, which shows us the level of probability of developing disease/traits due to our genetic composition. Taking into consideration the fact that both genes and the environment affect us, information of this kind can help us reduce the risk of disease. It encourages us to immediately change the way we live our life (e.g. quit smoking) either by aiding the early discovery of disease through early preventive examinations (e.g. lumps in the case of breast cancer, and enlarged prostate in the case of prostate cancer), by effectively curing the disease, or developing ourselves and our children according to the innate strengths .