Science Behind Genetic Analysis

Genetic Analysis is developed from the Science & Technology Breakthough..

Human Genome Project & International HapMap Project

Human Genome Project 1990 – 2003

  • 13 years Global Collaborative efforts throughout the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and China
  • Goals: Develop technology for analyzing DNA, map and sequence human and other genomes (physical and functional)
  • Results: Ambitious goals including mapping and sequencing all the human genomes had all been met or surpassed. It has been compared to the moon-landing project as an outstanding scientific achievement of humankind.

Goals of Human Genome Project have all been met and surpassed, and becomes the solid foundation for the development of genetic testing

1. To identify all the genes in human DNA
2. To develop a genetic linkage map of human genome
3. To obtain a physical map of human genome
4. To develop technology for the management of human genome information
5. To know the structure of genes
6. Determine the sequence of the 3 billion chemical base pairs that make up the human DNA
7. Store this information in public databases
8. Develop tools for data analysis
9. Transfer related technologies to the private sector

HapMap project 2002 – 2009

The International HapMap Project is a multi-country effort to identify and catalog genetic similarities and differences in human beings. The Project is a collaboration from Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Nigeria, and the United States. Data are being gathered from 4 populations with African, Asian, and European ancestry

The Importance of Association Studies

  • The Association studies are used to validate Human Genome project data
  • The SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) is discovered with the help of association studies in which we compare the genetic composition of people suffering from certain diseases/ traits with that of people who are healthy/ without the traits.
  • If we find that certain SNPs are more frequent among people suffering from certain diseases/ with certain traits, we can conclude that these SNPs are related to the development of said diseases/ traits.

Evidence of our Genetic Analysis

The comprehensive data mapped from the Human Genome Project & International HapMap Project, AND was validated by
A) A wealth of published Association Studies; and 1) ONLY included those with high statistical reliability, 2)performed on a sample set of >/=1000 people, and which 3) have been independently published in other studies;
B) A research database of > 100,000 subjects of different ethnicity mapped and owned by the laboratory scientists throughout many years (specific for talent test)