Process Of Genetic Analysis

Four Steps To Your Genetic Analysis

The process to your DNA analysis is safe, fast and simple.

You order your DNA test through our consultants. Our consultant will explain to you the key notes of the genetic test, key processes including consent, sampling taking etc

You will receive your DNA kit that includes sample instructions, a consent form, the terms and conditions and a buccal swab kit/ saliva collector through our consultant. The saliva collector/buccal mucosa swab is intended to provide a biological specimen required for the analysis and the collection procedure as such is non-invasive, painless and safe for the client.

Based on the instructions you perform the sampling procedure and fill out the necessary documents. The required contents are inserted in the provided envelope, which will be then collected by our dedicated geneDecode service center and delivered to our accredited laboratories in the States and Europe.

Your DNA sample is analysed in a certified laboratory, your results are evaluated and your personal genetic analysis is created. From sample taking to completion of result, it will take approximately 30 – 40 business days. You will then receive a 30 minutes’ personalized consultation from our professional consultant. The report would be in form of a personal guidebook or expert advice based on your genetic predispositions. Client will be supported with professional referral network for further follow up if necessary.

Personal data safety and security The safety and security of your data is our top priority. The storage of your data, its use and transfer are carefully monitored and conducted according to EU and the United States legislation requirements and guidelines. During the whole process the data is properly secured to ensure maximum safety.
Product quality and certified laboratory The quality of our service is guaranteed by our highly qualified professionals that conduct all analyses in the state-of-art laboratories that have appropriate certification, accreditation and quality controls.