General Q&A

Who Is geneDecode™?

geneDecode™ is a company based in Hong Kong providing genetic testing and related supporting services to people in Hong Kong/Macau as well as Asia Pacific. Our genetic testing products are developed from the cutting edge technology in the United States and Europe.
geneDecode’s mission is to empower individuals and family to live a full life by providing evidence based genetic testing service to help people achieving healthier lifestyle and unlocking the inborn strengths.

What Are Genes?
Genes are the instruction manual for life and the history book, the archives of where we have come from…
Genes, are basic unit of life which provide the directions for the body to function. They are building on base pair of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and determine an individual’s inherited traits. For example, some genes are responsible for the colour of the eyes while others are responsible for the height of an individual.
Genes, being the building blocks of life, are also the basic units of heredity in living organisms. It is the means by which all organisms pass on traits and attributes to their offspring.
What Is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing are tests conducted on genes to find out more about a person’s genetic makeup. For example, some of the common genetic tests include tests for mutations which may lead to diseases, or tests to determine ancestry. Some are more lifestyle ones like our geneDecode™ Fitness test and Talent test which provides information on our genetic makeup in response to diet and exercise, and our talent and personality traits. Genetic testings are widely adopted medically also in other areas like:

  1. Give a diagnosis if someone has symptoms;
  2. Show whether a person is a carrier for a genetic disease. Carriers have an altered gene, but will not get the disease. However, they can pass the altered gene on to their children;
  3. Help expectant parents know whether an unborn child will have a genetic condition. This is called prenatal testing;
  4. Screen newborn infants for abnormal or missing proteins that can cause disease. This is called newborn screening;
  5. Show whether a person has an inherited disposition to a certain disease before symptoms start;
  6. Determine the type or dose of a medicine that is best for a certain person. This is called pharmacogenetics
How Applicable Is Genetic Testing / Analysis?
Genetic analysis is not a crystal ball that predicts the future. It is a scientifically-based starting point for calculating the genetic burden, which shows us the level of probability of developing disease/traits due to our genetic composition. Taking into consideration the fact that both genes and the environment affect us, information of this kind can help us reduce the risk of disease. It encourages us to immediately change the way we live our life (e.g. quit smoking) either by aiding the early discovery of disease through early preventive examinations (e.g. lumps in the case of breast cancer, and enlarged prostate in the case of prostate cancer), by effectively curing the disease, or developing ourselves and our children according to the innate strengths .
Does Genetic Testing Analysis Tell The Absolute Truth?
With the analysis of SNPs we can calculate the probability of development of a certain disease/ traits usually compared to the average risk within the population. Despite the fact that this is a probability backed with a statistic foundation within scientific research, knowing the SNPs cannot predict with certainty whether an individual will develop particular conditions or not. Various environmental factors can influence the development of disease, as well as possible unexplained genetic factors.

For more information on genes and genetic testing, please visit the website where there is an abundance of information catering to people of differing levels of familiarity with this subject.

How Is Genetic Testing Performed?
Genetic tests are commonly conducted on a person’s DNA, chromosomes or enzymes, with DNA testing being probably the most commonly-employed method. Tests on DNA may be performed on a person’s blood, body fluids or tissues. In our case, we perform the tests on a person’s DNA, which are acquired via the cheek cells or the saliva sample.
How Are Samples Collected?
We employ a painless and non-invasive procedure which does not involve blood when collecting DNA samples from our clients. This simple procedure involves collecting saliva (Fitness test) or buccal mucosa swab (Talent test) which takes only a couple of minutes to perform at home.
What Are The Health / Medical Risks And Side Effects Of Taking This Test?
As this is a painless and non-invasive procedure that does not involve surgery or blood, there is no known health or medical risk involved. There are also no known side effects. Therefore this procedure is safe and harmless.
How Accurate Are The Results Of These Tests?
The results of the tests offered by geneDecode™ are heavily based on the output of human genome project and validated separately by published association studies and a research database of more than 100,000 subjects (for Talent test). geneDecode™ will only offer tests that have met stringent standards of validity, consistency and accuracy.
What Kind Of Technology Is Involved In The Test?
Our products adopt cutting-edge American Biochip technology and European open array technology which involves SNP Genotyping and DNA Sequencing in our testings. The by-product of this combination has put us where we are today—at the forefront of genetic testing technology.
Why Should I Trust geneDecode™ For Genetic Testing?

a. Leading technology
Our products employ technology that is at the fore front of the industry with the laboratory in the US, and Europe. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and consistent results.

b. Professional
We are supported by a group of medical professional panel to ensure our service is always delivered up to the professional standard.

c. Comprehensive results coverage
The uniqueness lies in the comprehensive report with expert guidance:
1. The talent test covers 46 Talents & Traits;
2. The Fitness test cover 35 items in 8 chapters;
3. The disease susceptibility 100 covers 100 diseases;
All are complemented by expert guidance of suggested action plan. Almost all the information that you require will be found in a single, comprehensive test report.

d. Affordable cost
Credibility and affordability is a rare combination, but we have proven they are not mutually-exclusive. Now you can take steps to improve on your own’s and family’s overall health and well-being at a very reasonable cost.

e. Simple and safe procedure
The procedure for testing is risk-free, as it is painless and non-invasive. No blood is involved in the sample-collection process.

f. Follow up Service
Our consultants are trained and certified under a stringent process to deliver professional customer follow up service through overall report delivery, interpretation. We are supported by medical professional referral panel in Hong Kong and therefore can provide the best resources to support clients in need.

What Are The Things Required For The Tests?
To proceed with the testing, we will require the following items to be submitted:
a. Consent Form
b. DNA Buccal Sample or Saliva Sample
How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Test Results?
Usually the test report will be ready in approximately 30-40 business days after clients have submitted their sample (together with the complete set of requisite documents).
How Will I Receive My Test Results?

You will receive report in hardcopy handover to you in a sealed format. Our consultant will contact and follow up with you once the report is received.

Is There A Validity Period For The Test Results?
As genes are generally known to be in very stable states, the results are generally valid over your entire lifetime. Your results for the specific fields in each test are unlikely to alter even if you perform the test again.
How Is Payment Done?
If you are taking the test with an authorised doctor, you may make the payment directly to the doctor. However, if you are ordering the test via our consultant, you can pay in full by cheque and addressed to GENEDECODE COMPANY LIMITED upon purchase. The receipt will be sent to you via email or mail or by hand
Will My Results From geneDecode™ Genetic Tests Be Kept Confidential?
Your test results will be kept very strictly confidential. In fact, your sample will only be identified by a sample serial number throughout most of the testing process to ensure the identity of the client may not be easily matched with the sample and corresponding results.

Your test results will not be wilfully shared with any third party outside of geneDecode™. Even within geneDecode™, client details will only be revealed on a need-to-know basis and access to client details will be limited to only a select few employees who absolutely require the information to perform their work.