Decoding genes can be miracle cure for allergies

As the cooler months start to roll in, many Hong Kong people suffer dry and itchy skin due to cold weather. Living in an increasingly polluted city, long-term imbalanced diet, coupled with the pressure of work on private life, more people begin having various allergy symptoms. It causes a negative impact on the skin, stomach and intestines, immune system, and even emotional health. According to a survey conducted by the University of Hong Kong, 60% of Hong Kong people are suffering from the “sub-health” conditions that affected their daily life especially skin allergy.

An allergy is an inflammatory response after a person’s immune system overreacting to external substances (allergens) in the environment. Common allergies such as allergic rhinitis, airway allergy (like asthma), skin allergy (like eczema) etc., can cause anaphylaxis or severe tracheal edema which resulting in a fatal chance. Over a hundred of inflammations caused by harmful sensitizers are not easily detected which includes mental disorders, skin, stomach and intestines, and immune system etc.; 70% to 90% have not been diagnosed or have been misdiagnosed. These subtle symptoms usually lurk for two or three decades thus 80% of them only appear in adults.

When allergic symptoms start kicking in, most people take medication or reduce certain food consumption which they believe it can cause allergic reaction. This may help soothe the situation however it does not cure and works as an effective way to prevent reoccurrence. Allergies can often be with the patient for a certain long period. People aged 30 or 40 years old who are low health will relapse; or they have never had any allergic problems while appearing during their middle years of life.


Changing your lifestyle to recover from allergies

Every spring, summer season, Dominic finds himself covered in a prickly heat rash, also known as “miliaria”. Dominic’s family looked for various curing recipes in early childhood and took him to see many different dermatologists. It’s substantially hard to get through these “itching” months. With age comes work pressure and irregular schedule, his seasonal skin problem was gotten out of control. His toxins overloaded the body and caused allergic inflammation that is intense painful itching.

Dominic conducted a genetic test until a few years ago. Dominic fully understood his own allergens and genetic deficiencies since then, and made specific adjustments. Dominic pursued a diet based on more vegetables and less meat which the latter was most likely deep-sea fish. The test results showed that Dominic is inherently allergic to mercury, although eating fish is comparatively healthy. As for Dominic, It’s unfortunately his allergen.

According to the report’s recommendations, Dominic has also made significant changes in his lifestyle and food selection. He used to boil vegetables until it’s completely cooked. Given that cooking can degrade nutrients and minerals, he then chooses to eat raw vegetables such as salads or some with high water-soluble vitamins such as dark green leafy vegetables and spinach. In addition, Mr. Tang supplements congenital detoxification and skin antioxidant capacity through the intake of omega 3 and vitamins B9 and B12. He knows how to strengthen his own immunity and the body is gradually healthier. His allergy is yet to re-occur after all the fundamental changes. His physical and mental health is greatly benefited after all.   


A genetic test helps prevent allergic inflammation

The concept of “visiting a doctor until you feel sick” needs to be totally changed because exposure to the allergens can be life-threatening. Most of the people do not know the real causes of their allergies, and often rely on their own judgment but lacking scientific evidence thus they are yet to improve conditions.

The Allergy & Healthy Diet Decode can accurately analyze the body’s risk index for certain substances whilst allowing candidates to fully understand their genetic tendencies. It will reduce the risk of developing allergic inflammations by avoiding contact with allergens or harmful substances as well as improving detoxification capability and eating habits.

This comprehensive genetic test will first collect a saliva sample from the candidate and send to an internationally accredited genetic laboratory for a one-time analysis and evaluation. Registered nutritionists will make recommendations and help you all on the road to a happier, healthier and better life.

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