About Us

geneDecode™ is a company providing genetic evaluation and related management services for doctors, individuals and families for diagnosis and well being.
We partner with more than 10 accredited laboratories in the United States and Europe, and customize panels to provide innovative genetic analysis for the local community.
All our partnered laboratories have 1) the most stringent laboratory accreditations in the US and Europe; 2) > 10 years of genetic analysis experiences; 3) comprehensive databases and including proprietary and Asian coverage; 4) panels of most reliable bioinformaticians and medical geneticists for analysis, report interpretation and follow up support.
We in Hong Kong are supported by advisory panel formed by a group local medical/paramedical professionals in the related fields.
geneDecode™ is dedicated to provide genetic insights for medical professionals, individuals and their families for diagnosis of diseases and personal well being. Our mission is to empower individuals to live a full life.
(Diagnostic genetic tests are not listed in the website)